Waldorf dolls are cloth dolls, entirely handmade from natural materials. They're made with soft clean and carded sheepswool from head to toe; that's why they're so soft and warm. Their heads, body and limbs follow a specific making protocol, which make these dolls really safe if destined to young children.

What we call Fiber Art Dolls are dolls different from the traditional waldorf dolls. These require more time to be made, especially the head, which is needle sculpted. The body and limbs can be needle felted too, or rolled for more consistency. The fibers used for the hair can also be more delicate. This is why Fiber Art Dolls are more expensive, and are mainly made for collectors.

Last year, I designed a type of doll I call Petit Pois. These are around 12 inches (30cm). 

Petit Pois Doll

My Petit Pois dolls have flexible joints which allow for many funny baby poses. Their head, body and limbs are made hard for durability and consistence. They are weighted with glass beads for a better feel. Their onesie is not removeable, as it is part of their body construction.

I recently operated a little change into my pattern for this petite model of doll, in order to add more consistency into the hips joints. They can now sit properly on their own, and even stand alone with some little assistance!




My dolls' skin is organic cotton jersey, and for the hair I mostly use natural fibers from sheep, goat, lama, or pure wool yarns.

Here's a short video of me felting some features on a doll's head. It is very fast playing, because the felting technique is very long. I'm only showing a small part of the process. Enjoy!