Custom spots for April 2017

Hello my dear friends!

I'm popping in today for two great pieces of information. First, Baby Camille has found a lovely home, and loving arms to cuddle her. She will soon cross the Channel to go meet her new mama, which makes both so happy! Thank you so much to the people who offered to adopt her. I feel really grateful for this daily support and nicest words.

The second information concerns custom spots as you can read on a banner I specially prepared for the occasion. This banner you will see every beginning of the month. Here it is:

Two custom spots available on ETSY at 10am Friday March 3rd

(16h heure française)

Here's the detailed description of the listing.

You will find a link to my Etsy shop at the end of this post.



Delivery planned: end April 2017


this is the deposit of half the price of the doll
total balance due once the doll is ready to be shipped
shipping cost will be paid at final payment (25€ international/15€ within European Union/8€ national)


1 crochet Waldorf-inspired doll of your choice
You can specify your choice of model in a note during purchase, or contact me here for further information
A conversation will be started automatically after purchase.
To help you choose your model of doll, you will find a gallery at

- measuring 5 to 6 inches from the top of the head to the feet
- stuffed with clean carded wool
- organic cotton interlock jersey is used for the face
- yarns of different natures can be used for the body (cotton, alpaca, merinos, bamboo, mohair...)
- Some features can be needle felted and/or sewn on

- You can order a second doll (only one more doll) Please specify upon purchase of this custom spot. A new listing will be reserved for you in my shop for a new deposit of 50% of the price. Note that the shipping cost will be the same for one or two dolls!
- note some models require more time (lamb, elephant, monkey, horse...) thus an extra of 5€ will be added to the final payment
- additional accessory (tiny bottle, hat, woolen scarf...) will be 5€ more added to the final payment
- littlest companion will cost 10€ more and will be added to the final payment


If you have any questions concerning these spots, please contact me at or on Facebook here: