Custom Spots for Titi Dolls


I have great news for the fans of very little dolls!

For this year, I'm starting by re-thinking my custom offers. I would like to organise it by proposing custom spots for Titi dolls, on a regular basis, that is once a month. Depending on the requests that will be made, I'll be able to offer spots for one, two or maybe three dolls to be made for the month after.

The payment is 50% deposit and 50% balance+shipping charges.

It'll be listed on ETSY.

THE FIRST SPOT for next month will be ready later today.. I'll announce it directly on Facebook once it's live. The next spot(s) will be scheduled later in the week and announced here on my site, and on Facebook.

You'll find a gallery of Titis on Flickr !

If you need further information, please comment this post!

I hope to see you there!