Ready for May 2017 after April's ... marathon!

After a couple-of-week Holiday on the French West coasts with my husband and two girls, we all came back home fresh and anew, enough to go back to work -and school. On my side, things were made easier as I had finished all customs before leaving in mid-April. I had worked on two custom dolls, Calypso, a big size doll, and Tess, a small baby size doll. Along this I had made it clear I wouldn't leave the house before I finished the custom Titi dolls planned for the end of April. I really wanted to free my mind before our Holiday, and also, be sure I came back without too much work on my plate!

I let you imagine the marathon I endured to venture into making 5 Titi Dolls at the same time! These are quite small but... crocheting that way I will NEVER do it again! The index on my right hand had almost doubled in size, and it hurt so hard it took the time of our Holiday to get better!

Anyway, all the dolls were finished on time, and I'm so happy I did it now! I also had time to take the pics before leaving, in order to edit them during our trip, and send them to my customers.

But the internet in our Holiday place was really slow, and I must admit I completely got disconnected from the social medias -which I feel proud of - then the photos weren't even touched! I did all this job right upon our return, and the customers have all been acquainted with their new little friends.

These will be listed on Wednesday May 3rd at 12pm EDT on Etsy

These will be listed on Wednesday May 3rd at 12pm EDT on Etsy

The next available custom spots are for the end of June. These will be listed on Etsy on Wednesday May 3rd, at 12pm EDT (18H French time zone).

For this month of May I also have a lovely little Petit Pois Baby in the works. I'm so hay to come back to this model I haven't worked on for months.

Thank you so much for reading! I'll be back soon with pics of the dolls in the making, and also a little video of Calypso, the big doll I mentioned a few lines above!