Dollectable March 1st 2016

A Walk with Mr Duck

A Walk with Mr Duck

Yvon decided on a walk outside with Mr Duck. Along the wooden pathway up to the daffodils at the end of the garden he goes trotting, Mr Duck gliding behind and trying his best to hop on the little crevices along the way. Monsieur Yvon talking to himself, convincing Mr Duck to follow close behind and be quick, not to miss the nice spectacle of the morning dew on his flower friends. He promised he would clean the muddy grass off his soles and Mr Duck's wheels before entering the house, and had already prepared a bucket full of rain water and an old big shoe brush next to the front door.



Yvon is all ready to find his home during the next DOLLECTABLE on March 1st, 7pm EST (which is 1h in Paris). You'll go directly to the listing by clicking the following button.


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