It’s giveaway time

It’s giveaway time

If you haven’t yet entered the grand annual giveaway offered by Dollectable, you have till January 3rd to do so!

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Here’s my contribution to the giveaway

Clafoutis, 8 inch Natural Fiber Art Doll by LesPouPZ

This little doll will be so glad to meet you!

She's button jointed at the hips and shoulders.

She comes with handknit rompers and a cute little crocheted bonnet.

Clafoutis will travel in a nice embroidered tea-dyed bag!

This little doll is a giveaway as a thank for the past year and a welcome to the new one!

You only have to cover the shipping fees, which will be adapted according to your location.

The extra paid cost will be refunded via paypal.

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The end times are indicated in each listing. This happens on Hyenacart. Follow the link underneath to go there!


It's been such a long time! 

Time's running like crazy over here, and I've been juggling here and there with orders.

I see things going on smoothly in the coming weeks, but yeah, I managed to give birth to a little girl in the meantime. Let me introduce you to Sam

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Her name's Samantha, but we call her Sam. This nickname fits her to perfection; it is short and adapts well to her small size. This little doll is full of life and charm. Her melancholic air will enchant you.


The perfect schoolgirl outfit

Sam is 14 inches tall. She wears the perfect schoolgirl outfit. It's composed of a blue pleated skirt with leather straps and metal closures, a turtle-neck jersey top, a grey hand-knit vest, knee-high black socks decorated with pompoms, and casual  chestnut shoes. She will not forget her beige beanie with a big orange neon-colored pompom, and for the warmer days, her big pink flower headband.

Sam is now available in my etsy shop.

You can visit her HERE

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Sneak peek

Wyatt, 14 inches

Wyatt, 14 inches

Hello there. It's high time I give some news of what's going on into my atelier, right? So, here's Wyatt, the 14-inch custom boy doll I'm currently working on. See you soon for new pics.


Alice, 14 inches

Alice, 14 inches

Alice. She's a little country girl. 

A very simple character, so close to nature.

Fall is her favourite season. She likes her daily walks in the country in chilly and wet autumn evenings.


Alice is part of October's DOLLECTABLE. It's happening on Sunday Oct 1st starting at 7pm EDT.

You will find a link to the shop here:


This doll and her accessories have all been handcrafted by myself.

They are not intended for little children, due to the presence of small parts, and long fibers. They will enjoy light play though!


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She loves spring and flowers

She loves spring and flowers


Flore, as her name carries it, loves spring and flowers. This will be my inspiration for her outfit. I'm now active into making it on time for next Thursday's Dollectable, the pretty girl wouldn't miss it!

Flore was made from my latest pattern, she's a fully-jointed doll of 17 inches.

Her pretty hair is made of gorgeous hand-dyed cotswold locks I wefted in my atelier.

You'll discover more about Flore in the coming hours as Dollectabme is fast approaching!

See you later!


It's time for Baby Camille to find a home


So here's the day for Baby Camille to find a home. This little one needs loving arms for hugs and cuddles.

If you need to read more about how this little doll is constructed, I'm inviting you to read THIS POST and THAT ONE which contains the later the later pics.

Camilleis about 11 inches, can tilt her head and bend elbows and knees. She can sit unassisted. Her hair is Kids Mohair locks. She will be delivered to you dressed with a nappy and a pair of matching socks hand knitted in soft alpaca yarn, as well as a small baby's top.
The main material of this doll is washed and carded sheepswool, sculpted with a felting needle. To see what the needle felting process looks like, I'm directing you to this little VIDEO that I shot a few months ago.

If you want to adopt Camille, her price is 375 €, and the shipping costs are 40 € internationally, 20 € for Europe and 15 € for France. You can acceed to the adoption form at the bottom of this post.
You can offer more if you wish, the postage will be offered to you, and a payment plan will be possible.
The form will remain visible for 24 hrs, that is to say until Friday February 24th, 10am EST.
The winner will be contacted at the end of the sale to the email address provided in the form.
If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thanks again for your daily support,
see you soon,



Voici donc le jour venu pour Bébé Camille de trouver une famille qui voudra bien l'adopter. Ce petit bébé de 30cm a besoin de bras aimants et chaleureux pour l'étreindre et le câliner.

Si vous souhaitez en (re)lire plus sur comment cette petite poupée est conçue, je vous invite à retourner sur CE POST-CI, et CE POST-Là qui contient les photos les plus récentes. 

Camille mesure donc environ 30cm, peut incliner sa tête et plier coudes et genoux. Elle peut tenir assise seule. Ses cheveux sont de véritables boucles de Kids Mohair. Elle vous sera livrée habillée d'une couche et d'une paire de chaussettes assorties tricotées main en laine alpaca toute douce, ainsi que d'un petit body.

La matière principale de cette poupée est la laine de mouton lavée et cardée, sculptée à l'aide d'une aiguille à feutrer. Pour voir à quoi ressemble le feutrage à l'aiguille, je vous dirige vers cette petite VIDEO que j'ai tournée il y a quelques mois.

Si vous souhaitez adopter Camille, son prix est de 375€, et les frais de port sont de 40€ à l'international, 20€ pour l'Europe, et 15€ pour la France. Vous pouvez accéder au formulaire d'adoption qui se trouve en bas de ce post.

Vous pouvez offrir plus si vous le désirez, les frais de port vous seront alors offerts, et un paiement en plusieurs fois sera alors possible.

Le formulaire restera visible pendant 24 hrs, c'est à dire jusqu'à vendredi 24 février, 16h heure française.

L'heureu(x)se gagnante sera contacté(e) à l'issue de la vente à l'adresse email communiquée dans le formulaire.

Si vous avez des questions, merci de me contacter à l'adresse

Merci encore pour votre soutien quotidien,

à très vite,







Ready to leave the nest

Ready to leave the nest

Ready to leave the nest

Baby Camille is trying her best to learn standing upright and walking! This may need a few months more to accomplish!


The little one is now comfortly snuggled into her cotton baby's top, made out of new upcycled baby's clothes. She'll also have her tiny feet and toes all warm in her handknit woolen socks. Of course she won't leave her assorted handknit nappy!


You can read more about Camille in this previous post.

Camille would be more than pleased to be able to join you.

Camille would be more than pleased to be able to join you.

Camille will be available for adoption here on Thursday the 23rd of February 2017, at 10am EST, via a form. This form will be visible in a new post and will be removed after 24hrs. It's a comment-style kind of sale. The base price is set at 375€, and the shipping costs are 40€ international, 25€ European countries, and 15€ national.

If you would like to offer more, the shipping cost will be offered, and it is possible to set up a payment plan.

The lucky winner will be contacted once the sale is closed, at the address mentioned in the form.

Camille, a baby boy or girl?

The pattern I designed to make this baby comes from the pattern of my model Petit-Pois

The pattern I designed to make this baby comes from the pattern of my model Petit-Pois

I'm currently working on a baby doll. Its peculiarity is that it can be a girl or a boy. That is why it's bearing a mixed name.
The pattern I designed to make this baby comes from the pattern of my model Petit-Pois. That's why you can find similarities in the roundness of its limbs and belly, and its general posture.


Its hair is made of soft , really soft Kid Mohair locks in black with lovely red highlights. These clean locks have been hand dyed, and home-wefted by me. I love its very realistic effect.

Its hair is made of soft , really soft Kid Mohair locks in black with lovely red highlights

Its hair is made of soft , really soft Kid Mohair locks in black with lovely red highlights

Camille can move its head from side to side, and back and forth, thanks to a frame solidly integrated in its construction. It can also can bend its knees and elbows thanks to simple wooden joints. This good baby can sit unassisted, and can stay upright with some little help, but... remember it's a small baby, and THAT's already a good start!


Camille will be looking for an adoption family next week

Camille will be looking for an adoption family next week

Camille will be looking for an adoption family next week. A form will be visible here, under this "news" section, for 24 hours, starting on Thursday. It will be a MMAO - Make Me An Offer- type of sale. A newsletter will notify the subscribers earlier next week, and describe the steps to follow. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, you can do so by clicking the tab below.

Thank you so much for paying us a visit,






my Darling little Titi critters

my Darling little Titi critters

The payment is based on a 50% deposit and 50% balance+shipping charges basis.

They'll be listed on ETSY .

THE FIRST SPOT for March 2017 will be ready later today.. I'll announce it directly on Facebook once it's live. The next spot(s) will be scheduled later in the week and announced here on my site, and on Facebook.

You'll find a gallery of Titis on Flickr !

If you need further information, please comment this post, or contact me on FACEBOOK, or directly at


Thank you so much for reading